Who we are

We are an educational charity using the maritime and shore support services to promote and advance the education, maritime experience and physical and mental development of children, young and adult persons by providing opportunities for training in and experience of seamanship navigation and boat-handling for such persons so they build confidence both physically and mentally as individuals and members of society, focusing on promoting the sailing and maritime life, and subsequently the Island of Ireland.

How we want to do it?

We want to organise a club house on shore for training and exercise purposes; this club house will provide a support mechanism to young people and adults who participate in the activities. (This could range from participation in racing teams to joining in partnership with other clubs, associations and like-minded people.) We also want to establish a fleet of training vessels (conforming to ISA requirements for training vessels) to make sea-exercises and make the education a joy.

Who will pay for all of that?

We need to provide support and fund the main objective together with promoting the Island of Ireland, maritime development and the European Ideal in a local and global context; as well, we need to find a means by which the LYSI will be self-renewing and to form subsidiary operations in partnership, which could be run on a commercial basis but from which any profits should revert to the LYSI.

What’s the intended result?

We want that all the people who contribute, who participate and who subscribe to the common objectives should have fun and get education in skills of seamanship which would improve the chances of future education and employment in maritime industry.

Organisational Structure of our Charity

The Board of Management: 3 members. These manage the whole entity, collect the donations, decide on the expenses. The Committee: up to 6 members (apart from the Board). The Committee members can be voted to the Board, should one of the Board members leave. They manage the volunteers. Volunteers: Unlimited number, being managed by the Committee.

Our Fleet

At the moment, we have one 7.2-metre (23′) vessel with a trailer on our disposal. This will be used to demonstrate the pupils the basic functioning of a sailing vessel, with an inboard and outboard engine, operation of sails, prescribed illumination during nighttime, basic safety requirement and control specifics. For this vessel, we will need a new mast. Additionally, we need to extend/renew our safety equipment; furthermore, we are looking for a much bigger vessel (approx. 12-metre minimum) which would enable us to make day trips off-shore and demonstrate the life on the sea at its most.